An article by Aimsel Ponti (MaineToday) that highlights singer-songwriter Sara Hallie Richardson’s collaboration with Portland-based Amarantos Quartet. Sam arranged several songs for their 4.27.19 show with Micromassé at the Camden Opera House, and his contribution is mentioned part way through the article.

An article from the Bowdoin Office of Communications highlighting Sam's work on the 2018 short film, "Lost on the Way." The film was made with generous support from a Grua/O'Connell Research Award. 

A video produced by the Bowdoin Office of Communications featuring clips from Sam's undergraduate compositions, as well as an interview.

An article from the Bowdoin Daily Sun about Sam's work with Portland-based music education nonprofit, Maine Youth Rock Orchestra, during the summer of 2017. 

An interview with the Bowdoin Orient from the fall of 2017 about Sam's relationship with music and his approach to composition. 

An interview with Lila East End Yoga in Portland, ME from the summer of 2017, prior to providing live music for one of their classes.

A short interview with Aimsel Ponti (Content Producer and Music Writer for and Kevin Oates (Executive Director and Founder of Maine Youth Rock Orchestra) from the summer of 2017.

Another article from the Bowdoin Daily Sun about Sam's experience interning with the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra, supported by a Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship.

A short video from the Bowdoin Office of Communications about Sam's experience writing an original piano quintet during the summer of 2016, supported by a Patterson/Baird Family Research Fellowship.